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We are Enrich Technologies limited (collectively "we", the "Company") and we own and operate the site. Our site facilitates a convenient way to connect distributors to products and facilitates trades between parties.

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time without providing any prior notification. The amended terms and conditions are effective from the date they are published on our site.

The meaning of some words used in these terms and conditions:

"we", "us" or "our" is a reference to (name of person or company providing the services).

"you" or "your" is a reference end customers


You are required to register with us when you use the services or place an order.

The true, accurate, current and complete information of yourself and/or company is provided and keep updated if any change.

It is prohibited on our platform to sell goods that you are not authorized to sell. A buyer placing the order, it is assumed that the seller must have goods on hand that can be delivered.


All orders subject to our final confirmation. Prices are subject to change without notice.. All goods sold are strictly non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

All prices for the goods listed are in US Dollars.

Once the order is submitted, any amendment to the order must be reached out to our customer services team. Should the goods be shipped by the seller, no amendments or cancellations will be allowed.


All payments will be settled via bank transfers or international bank transfers. An invoice will be issued to the buyer upon order confirmation, and the buyer will need to settle the invoice within 30 days period, or an interest of 1% (per month) will be charged on total amount due for delay payment.


Depending on the buyer and seller arrangements and terms around delivery, delivery times may vary. Orders should be shipped out by seller within the agreed time with buyer.

Should our company provide logistic services, delivery times will be subject to the mode of transportation and underlying service provider.

Costs will vary and be agreed by seller or buyer.

Exchange and Refund Policy

The platform will not facilitate exchange or refund. Any issues in regards to products should be communicated with our customer service team.

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