About Us

Selectronic Ltd. and selectronic.com are a one-stop supply chain and selection platform for active and passive components under the Select Trading Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Select Trading Ltd"). Established in 1993, Shili has obtained ISO9001 international quality management certification. It has offices in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shenzhen and Fuzhou. It provides one-stop active and passive components and lithium battery supply chain services for many well-known domestic and foreign listed companies. , Marketing and technical support programs. After more than 27 years of development, with rich experience and successful cases, we continue to help our partners achieve outstanding business goals.
Professional teams in different fields We have professional teams from different fields and countries, excellent product managers, user researchers, and development engineers at home and abroad. Such team genes allow us to be fast and efficient in providing each solution. It is precisely because of the integration and brainstorming of cross-regional team resources that our customers can experience the best technical supporting services while obtaining the best business benefits.
years of professional experience Selectronic Relying on years of rich industry experience and a wide range of customer groups, we have established good strategic partnerships with well-known domestic and foreign active and passive component brand suppliers for many years. In the early stage or later replacement plan of the customer's product design, we will Can quickly provide diversified solutions in response to customer needs to solve problems in technology, cost and market supply.